And now it's in print.

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My mate Ross recently returned from SXSW where he saw a newspaper called Things Our Friends Sent Us For Printing. It was a collection of articles by people like Clay Shirky and Warren Ellis but it was also the inspiration for a new project we’re now working on.

“And now it’s in print” is a 16 page full colour newspaper aiming to promote amazing online content to a wider audience. It’s a way of sharing the online culture in physical print. We’re planning on focusing primarily on content coming out of Melbourne but will also be including things we’ve found from around Australia and the world.

We’ve given ourselves a month to get it ready for print and will then distribute around 500 to 1000 copies. This is not a for profit venture, it’s a small part in a series which you can find in our biographies under “awesome shit”.

We’re prepared to run just about any kind of content you can imagine: long form, short form, photographs, tweets, illustrations and even transcripts of podcasts. But there are some limitations:

  • The work must have originally appeared online, and it must still be online at press time. Why? Because each piece will be accompanied by information that should help people find it online as it originally appeared.
  • We can’t afford to pay for contributions. This is a project we’re doing because we want to promote people beyond their current audiences. We’re not getting paid, so we hope if you’re involved you’ll be cool with not getting paid either.
  • You can’t submit your own content, someone else has to nominate you. Who do you know who produces amazing stuff online? Tell us about it and we’ll get in touch with them and see if they want to be a part of this.

So what is this post? I guess it’s a few things. It’s a call for submissions. It’s certainly a call for suggestions of people we should know about. And it’s a public announcement that this is a thing. I hope you’ll find it interesting.

Email me at or feel free to drop comments on this blog.